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Living room colours that will never go out of fashion

The living room is one of the most used spaces in a home. Here are four wall paint colours that are always up to date, and that will make your living room look appealing and unique.

Colour is the best, cheapest and fastest way to give personality and character to a room. Every shade should match your furniture style, create a particular atmosphere, and reflect personal taste. Here are some tips to make your living room unique and trendy with four colours that will never go out of fashion.


White is the colour of purity, spirituality, order and cleanliness. It is the sum of all the colours of the light spectrum and influences artificial lighting. The white colour will make a living room look brighter and more spacious.


Therefore, white is the obvious choice for small, dark living rooms and for any space you wish to give a sense of serenity. A living room in white will never go out of fashion.


Electric blue is a bright, brilliant shade of blue. It gives an original and contemporary twist to convivial areas, such as the living room.


Blue represents productivity and confidence. It is a cool colour and should be combined with warmer shades.


Grey is a neutral colour, but not gloomy. It represents balance and elegance. In colour psychology, grey conveys a sense of confidence, safety and independence.


It is a suitable colour for home environments, particularly living rooms, especially if combined with furnishings and fabrics in bright, vivid colours.


The colour gold represents light, power and wealth. It speaks of the sun, warm and regenerating. It is the symbol of movement and energy. Gold is undoubtedly a versatile colour. It is best suited for living rooms that are more classic in style, but it is also great for more modern and contemporary designs.


Gold goes well with luxurious furnishings, refined ethnic atmospheres, and dark wooden elements, typical of antique furniture.

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