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When we expect the arrival of a new-born baby at home or when our child is older and we want to personalise their bedrooms, our first concern is to decide which is the best colour for the walls.

The colours used in nurseries and bedrooms are important. Some colours are known to excite and boost energy levels, while others encourage relaxation and rest. As childhood is a delicate stage in life, some parents may want to differentiate the colours between a girl’s room and a boy’s room.


Pink is usually associated with girls. It is used in all its shades, from the deepest to the palest ones.

The basic rule is to avoid painting the whole room the same bright pink or magenta and paint the walls a softer shade instead.


But a girl’s room doesn’t always have to be pink. You can still have a cute girly room with lilac or violet. In this case, we suggest using lilac for the two longest walls of the room, or for one long wall and the one with the entrance door. This will create a chromatic dynamism and by leaving the white walls blank you can decorate them with simple artwork or stencils.


In a boy’s room, the most used colour is blue, in all its shades.

Light blue, sky blue and even plain blue are perfect colours for the walls of a bedroom. Our advice is to paint only one wall, maybe the longest one, using blue or a paler shade and leave the other walls blank so that you can personalise and enrich them with drawings, pictures and framed photographs.


This is because painting the whole room a dark colour, whatever it may be, can be very tiring after a while. A dark, bright colour may fade sooner as well as make the space look smaller. But suppose you choose a pastel blue.


In that case, you can paint all the walls the same colour and then enliven the space with colourfully framed pictures or with wallpaper with flowers, animals or other decorations and drawings.

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