Gusto-22, the cromatic emotion of 2022

…and then the Color meets the Taste and so…
Apple, Cynnamon, Butter, Sage, Figs, Nuts
…a new Poem… to inspire, Gusto-22

Mela Color

Apple, health and well-being for the body;
energy and daily passion for your home

Cannella Color

Cynnamon, the right panache for your recipe;
a touch of class to your interior design

Burro Color

Butter, the perfect base for your dishes;
the ideal base to accommodate any other color

Salvia Color

Sage, the taste of freshness in your kitchen;
the breath of nature in your home.

Fichi Color

Figs, best-quality sweetness to be enjoyed inside and outside;
character and elegance to give life to your walls

Noci Color

Nuts, the calories you sometimes need;
the warmth of an environment that surrounds you.