Bathroom inspirations and solutions


In recent years, the bathroom has become a central room in the home. It is the place where self-expression and wellness meet, to which users are paying more attention in terms of furniture and colours.

Colour is a key factor when designing or revamping a bathroom. There are no universally valid rules because what works best depends largely on personal lifestyle and preferences. However, there are a few tricks that can help you pick the right wall colour for your bathroom. Here are the colours that will never go out of fashion.


  • White is undoubtedly the most popular neutral colour used in bathrooms. Painting the bathroom walls in white gives an impression of cleanliness, order and brightness. It also stimulates serenity, which is essential in a room dedicated to body care and wellness. Choosing white for your bathroom is not the easiest but, surely, the most sophisticated solution.


  • Grey, in the neutral colour palette, represents elegance. It can help soften the room’s angularity and allow you to highlight the existing pieces of furniture. Painting the walls grey is a very refined choice.


  • Green is the colour of nature. It is a deep, intense and, at the same time, soothing colour. In its softer tones, thanks to its relaxing and balancing effect, it is widely used and appreciated on the walls of bedrooms and bathrooms alike. On the other hand, in its brighter and more vibrant shades, it evokes a pleasantly cooling effect. Green also reduces the perception of unpleasant smells, which is why it is particularly suitable for bathroom walls.


  • Blue, from its lightest to darkest shades, is the colour of the sea and sky. It has calming and relaxing properties. This is why it is perfect for bathroom walls. In its deeper shades, this colour has a positive impact on the immune system.

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